AZPROMO plays a role of a single body guiding foreign investors in their negotiations with all relevant Government agencies and local entrepreneurs.



  •  Promotes Azerbaijan as a business location
  •  Assists international companies setting up business in Azerbaijan
  •  Assists companies based in Azerbaijan with reaching foreign markets
  •  Promotes improvement of business and investment climate


  •  Country promotion
  •  Event management
  •  Investment generation and services
  •  Market intelligence and export services
  •  Match making and linkages
  •  Policy advocacy
  •  Cooperation with international trade and investment promotion agencies



Since its early days AZPROMO became an active promoter of Azerbaijan as the most attractive business destination in the region. A set of various instruments enables increased awareness by international businesses of favourable business environment and opportunities existing in Azerbaijan. With years of applying best practices in this field AZPROMO became a brand in itself.

Our activities include:

  •  Business forums and B2B meetings
  •  Country presentations
  •  International promotion of the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand
  •  Coverage in international mass media
  •  Publications

AZPROMO is a member of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) having seat in its Steering Committee as a Director for South Caucasus and Central Asia of this international organisation.

AZPROMO has a network of international representative offices in Georgia, Austria, USA, Germany and UAE.

AZPROMO maintains close relations with many international investment promotions agencies, chambers of commerce, governmental organizations and other business promotion institutions. We signed memorandums on cooperation and partnership with over 83 such organisations from 37 countries all over the world.