ICT Sector

The ICT sector is the fastest growing non-oil sector in terms of increasing revenues. In 2014 ICT income accounted for above 2 Billion US$, doubling since 2009. The income obtained in the sector is projected to hit US$ 9 billion by 2020. Since 2010, growth in income has been about 8%. The number of consumers is growing rapidly. By 2014, ICT services increased 5.6 times compared to 2003. The volume of e-trade grew by 50 % in 2014, and access to the Internet by 35%. Internet users constitute more than 70 % of the population of Azerbaijan making it the CIS leader in internet coverage. Operator Azercell leads the mobile communications market, with a market share of 43%. The second and third ranked operators, are Bakcell (33%) and Azerfon (24%). Azerbaijan currently has 25 television stations and 15 radio stations.
The ICT sector is pioneering the application of innovative technologies into Azerbaijan. The ‘ASAN’ services, is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the delivery of public services, which has been commended by the Asian Development Bank for reducing corruption. In early 2013, Azerbaijan put its first telecommunications satellite into orbit. The Azerspace-1 satellite will provide communications coverage for Azerbaijan, Central Asia, Europe and Africa for 15 years. The Government has subsequently announced that Azerspace-2, the country’s second telecommunications satellite, which also actively offers different services including high resolution space imaging. The Government wants to encourage entrepreneurs in ICT. As a result, the ICT Development Fund was established with financing in the form of soft loans and grants. The Fund started financing projects in 2014. More than 50 startup projects received grants and credits in 2014.