Developing infrastructure

∙ The most state-of-the-art transport infrastructure in the region.
∙ About 19,000 km of hard-surface roads. Over 8 thousand km of roads built and re-constructed in the past 10 years.
∙ 6 international airports. Baku operates the biggest international airport in the region.
∙ Azerbaijan operates the biggest port on the Caspian Sea. A new port with capacity of 25 million tons cargo and 1 million containers a year is under construction. A new ship-building yard and the only one on the Caspian Sea commissioned in 2013.
∙ Over 2 thousand km of operational railroads. The so-called Iron Silk Way, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars trunk-railway is under construction. Once launched, it will connect European and Asian railway systems.