Abundant resources

∙ 9 climatic zones out of 11 existing in the world ranging from humid subtropical climate to semi-arctic.
∙ The territory of Azerbaijan stands out for its complex geological structure, diversity and manifold of minerals.
∙ Major deposits of oil and gas.
∙ Ferrous and nonferrous, rare and fine metals: iron and chromite ores, copper, lead and zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum, quicksilver, gold.
∙ Nonferrous minerals and construction materials: building stone, facing stone, clay, cement raw materials, construction stone, sand-gravel, sand, bituminous sands, perlite, pumice, gypsum, anhydride, alabaster, bentonite clays, sodium chloride, dolomite, quartzite, limestone for flux and soda, ceramic raw materials, mineral dye (clayey ochre), quartz sands, barite, pebble, brimstone, Icelandic spar, refractory and hard clays, natural soda flashes, zeolites.