Concentrated in the southern Lenkeran - Astara region, the history of tea-growing in Azerbaijan dates back to the 19th century, and a traditional cup of tea is one of the most easily identifiable symbols of Azerbaijani culture.

  • The revival of tea production in Azerbaijan is a focus for the current program on food safety, as many of the Soviet-era tea plantations are no longer in operation.
  • It is mainly small farms that are engaged in tea cultivation, and it is clear that larger enterprises are needed in order to attain high productivity and efficiency.
  • The government welcomes the participation of foreign partners in the industry in order to increase the competitiveness of local products as well as to attract new technologies and know-how allowing the production of high quality varieties.






Production (tonnes)

10 896

10 950

10 688

7 486

Import (tonnes)

14 471

14 211

12 650

13 775

Export (tonnes)

8 127

7 521

7 036

7 586

Source: State Statistics Committee