Canned food

The market for canned food is growing dynamically, particularly in two main directions: canned meat and canned fruits and vegetables. The canned food sector is relatively new and we are actively looking to integrate modern technologies to comply with all appropriate standards and requirements.

  • Local production of canned food meets approximately 60-70% of the demand and the rest is compensated by imports.
  • The share of imported products in the local market has, however, dwindled annually as a direct result of the realization of investment projects and the boosting of local production capacities.
  • The availability of raw materials, increasing demand in local and regional markets make this segment of the market attractive to both local and foreign investors.

Canned fruits and vegetables





Production (tonnes)

114 892

126 751

124 486

127 354

Import (tonnes)

17 026

30 102

18 668

21 373

Export (tonnes)

7 470

12 598

6 411

8 878

Source: State Statistics Committee