Small hydro power plants

The weight of generation capacity of hydro power plants within Azerbaijan's overall power system is presently 17.8 percent. 2.4 billion kWh of total electricity generated in 2003 was produced by hydro power plants, which constituted 11.4 percent of overall electricity generation. There are some hydropower potentials in the country that are still undeveloped up to date. The researches related to this area showed that overall hydropower potential of rivers in the Republic of Azerbaijan equals 40 billion kWh. The technically feasible potential totals 16 billion kWh, 5 billion kWh of which is related to small hydro power plants. Construction of hydro power plants has important role in resolution of country-level issues such as regulation of flood waters, environmentally sound electricity generation and creation of new irrigation systems. It is possible to locate dozens of small hydro power plants on rivers and water facilities and these plants can generate up to 3.2 billion kWh annually. For near-term perspective, it would be expedient to install 61 small HPPs. These HPPs can be located on irrigation canals, rives with unregulated flow and water reservoirs that are under-construction. Use of micro HPPs in electricity supply of objects and settlements that are remote from transmission lines and substations of countrywide grid system can resolve electricity problems, as well social problems.
Given that power system of Nakhchevan Autonomous Republic has no connection with mainland (countrywide) power system, construction of medium, small and micro hydro power plants would be more expedient primarily for Nakhchevan Autonomous Republic.