State Program on Use of Alternative and Renewable energy Sources for 2005-2013

The objective of State Program is to promote the power generation from renewable and environmentally sound sources and to more efficiently utilize hydrocarbon energy sources.
The major tasks of State Program include:

  • define the potential of alternative (renewable) energy sources for electric power generation;
  • raise the efficiency of utilization of country's energy sources by developing renewable energy sources;
  • ensure the opening of additional jobs with creation of new energy production sites;
  • given the existing total capacity of traditional energy sources in Azerbaijan, increase the energy capacities at the expense of alternative energy sources and therefore, achieve the country's energy security.

Very recently, in December 2011 the President signed a decree on drafting of State Strategy on usage of alternative and renewable energy sources for the years of 2012-2020, which considers implementation of measures to further stimulate the development of sector.