Machinery and equipment

In 2002, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved “The State Program on the Development of Machinery Industry in the years of 2002-2005”. It aimed at developing machinery industry, ensuring competitive product development, meeting the demands of the local market and raising export potential of the machinery products. This program along with different fundamental reforms stimulated a rapid progress of Azerbaijan’s machinery industry. A spectacular growth in production of machinery and equipment was achieved in 2013 and constituted 25.1 %, with the total output reaching 246.5 million AZN.

The specialized field of this industry is oil machinery which constitutes 1/4 of the total machinery production. Besides the oil machinery, the other fields of industry such as electro-technology, instrument-making, and radio electronics are growing rapidly. “E.H.M” (electronic calculators), “Baku Radio”, “Nord”, and “Azon” produce radio electronic equipments. Transport machinery include automotive and ship building industry. “Agricultural machinery is produced in Ganja Car Manufactory.

Machine Building Plants in Azerbaijan

Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory: This unique enterprise has no analogues in the former USSR. It plays exclusive role in the production of metallurgical constructions necessary for oil fields. Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jackets Plant is designed to fabricate deepwater jackets for the development of oil and gas fields. This plant designs, prepares, installs, launches, and transports the jackets to their destinations, deploys them, attaches their supports, and puts them in service.

“Azneftkimyamash” OJSC: Being established in 2001, “Azneftkimyamash” OJSC consists of 14 machine-building plants. Production includes approximately 90 industrial items and more than 600 different types and sizes of oil and gas equipments and other products. Oil and gas equipment is exported to 35 countries worldwide. Azerbaijan Oil Machine-building Industry is one of the highly concentrated machinery facilities near to oil-fields. "Azneftkimyamash" OJSC also includes four scientific research and development institutes with more than 500 scientists, engineers and technicians involved in research, development and experimental projects.

Kishly machine building plant: The plant was established in 1895. It is specialized in manufacturing of drilling-rigs for geophysical and exploratory drilling, elevators, reducing gear for pumping units, tanks for transportation and hydraulic fracturing of formation. The plant is equipped with necessary technological equipment. It has iron casting shop and all kind of communication including railways. Its main products are designed by the Azerbaijan Petroleum Machinery Research and Development Institute.

Bunyad Sardarov Machine Building Plant: It was established in 1926. The plant specializes in the manufacturing of cranes for round-trip operations, shale shakers, crown-blocks and hooks with a lifting capacity of 15 to 50 ton, work-over rigs with a lifting capacity of 25 ton and 40 ton, diaphragm pumps, pipe-layers, units for servicing the oilfield electric units, servicing units for lifting equipment. The plant's highly-trained staff and modern technological equipment can provide its customers with cost-effective and quality products. The plant also benefits from developed infrastructure, including convenience railways.

Baku Machine Building Plant: Being in the structure of the "Azneftekhimmash" OJSC, is one of the oldest enterprises of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This big enterprise functioning since 1897 specialized in manufacturing of the different types of tool joints for the drilling and geological exploration drilling pipes. Nowadays, the output capacity is 120 thousand sets of tool joints per year.

Established in 1961, Institute is specialized in development  and application of the technologies of oilfield equipment manufacturing.

The Institute provides design and implementation into manufacturing mechanizations and automatic equipments, nonstandard and rigging devices, cutting and measuring tools as well as carrying out capacity calculations and ecological monitoring of production facilities, issuing environmental certificates, finding out pollution sources and calculating their allowable limits. There is a certification department in the Institute for equipment manufacturing by “Azneftkimyamash” JSC in accordance with API and ISO requirements.

Azerbaijan Electronics Co. Ltd: Located in Shamakhi, it is a producer of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and many other electronic products. The factory building covers 20 000 square meters and the annual capacity of production is 210 000 refrigerators and 300 000 air conditioners.

Baku Ship Building Plant. The new shipbuilding plant in Qaradagh settlement was opened in September 2013. Its shareholders of the plant are SOCAR (65%), Azerbaijan Investment Company (25%) and Singapore's Keppel Offshore & Marine (10%), the globally leading company in the field. The new yard, the largest at the Caspian Sea, is designed to undertake construction of a wide range of specialized vessels and merchant ships, including subsea vessels, anchor handling tug/supply vessels, and multi-purpose offshore support vessels such as platform supply vessels, as well as tankers and cargo vessels. The yard also has ship repair and conversion capabilities. Although Keppel O&M owns just 10% of the yard, it has full responsibility for management and operation. The company is able to produce annually four tankers with 15,000 tonnage, or two tankers with 70,000 tonnage, four vessels to supply platforms, to repair 80-100 vessels for different purposes. Two tugs carrying capacity of 50 tons were built at the plant. Baku Shipyard Company LLC will be serving not only local demand in Azerbaijan, but also that of the littoral countries of the Caspian basin, as well becoming an important production hub for maritime industries in the region.

Ganja Car Manufactory: In December 2004 Ganja car manufactory was launched with the first car assembled IN the plant. The agreement on assembling Belarus tractors and automobiles on the base of Ganja Automobile plant was concluded during Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Belarus. The contract for the assembly and sale of the whole range of trucks and tractors produced by Minsk automobile and tractor plants in Azerbaijan was signed in late November 2006 in Minsk. Assembling is conducted in an area of 20,000 square meters. According to market research, the plant has the capacity of the annual production level of up to 5,000 units for the local market at existing areas. Besides, Ganja car manufactory signed a memorandum of intentions with Minsk Automobile Plant (Belarus) to expand the automotive assembly of equipment based on MAZ chassis at the meeting of Azerbaijan-Belarus intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation. This memorandum envisages assembly on the basis of MAZ municipal machinery produced by German company Haller. The 10 year-contract involves production of MAZ trucks with equipment made by Haller for transporting waste volume of 16 and 22 cubic meters. The first stage provides for a release of about 100-150 units of municipal engineering. Manufactured equipments are being sold in the markets of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia. Assembly-welding and paint shop businesses have been equipped with modern technologies. Today Ganja Plant also assembles 25-ton cranes on the basis of MAZ. Besides, the construction of offroad cars marked "UAZ" has begun in Ganja car manufactory.

NAZ-LIFAN: In May 2009, during the Azerbaijani-Chinese business forum organized by AZPROMO, NCP and Chongqing Lifan Industry (group) Imp. & exp. Co., Ltd. Corporation signed a contract on cooperation. The contract envisaged the assembly of  Lifan passenger cars in Nakhchivan. As a result, the new automobile plant “NAZ Lifan” was launched in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan in January 11, 2010. These cars include Lifan-320, Lifan-520 (sedan and hatchback), Lifan-620 (sedan), Lifan-7160 (sedan), Lifan-7162 (sedan), Lifan (7130). Parts are supplied from China. The latest models of equipment made in Germany, Belgium and Italy are implemented in the production process. Total plant area is 2.6 hectares. The capacity of the plant is the production of 5,000 cars per year. Motor vehicles assemblage is conducted under the supervision of Chinese experts.

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