Minerals and mining

Apart from major oil & gas deposits there are numerous mining sites for ferrous and nonferrous metals, unique construction materials. An area to be mentioned specifically is the north west of the country (Dashkesan, in particular). Major deposits of aluminum ore, iron ore and non ferrous metals make the region a very interesting part of Azerbaijan to explore. Apart from metals, construction materials including gypsum, limestone, trim stone etc. scattered all over the country are of particular interest. The deposits of iodine, gold and other precious metals, mineral spring, etc. add up to the diverse geology of Azerbaijan. The processing industry that was inherited from the times of USSR allows for speedy rehabilitation of a number of prospective fields. As mentioned before the laws permit a foreign company to become a manager of the mining fields in Azerbaijan after conclusion of an appropriate agreement with the Government. In 2012, 32.4 ths tons bentonite, 378.2 ths tons limestone, 28.7 ths tons salt, 1.6 tons gold and 625.8 tons silver was produced. Total production volume of mining industry was 25.6 billion manats.

Main indicators of mining industry

  2011 2012
Number of acting enterprises -total, unit 289 712
The number of individual entrepreneur registered for acting in industry, person 436 526
Production volume of mining industry,  at factual prices, million manat 26 894 25 601.2
Index of actual volume of  industrial products  relative to previous year, at percentage 91.6 95.8
Average payroll of employees - total, thsd. person 35.6 36.3
Average monthly wages, per employee, manat 1 176.3 1 398.6
Investments to fixed capital, million manat 3 244 3 651.4