Business tourism

Today, Azerbaijan is a dynamically developing country with favourable business climate. It is a place, where many important international projects are implemented. Azerbaijan hosts many industrial exhibitions and conferences covering such economic sectors like oil and gas, agriculture and food processing, ICT, construction and others.

With the development of economy and increasing business contacts with abroad, the importance of business tourism in Azerbaijan cannot be undervalued. Conferences, meetings, exhibitions and fairs, corporate events and individual business travels account for a growing share of total inbound tourism into Azerbaijan. Over 30% of tourists visiting the country are business tourists.

Moreover, Azerbaijan became a famous location of major international events organised by local and foreign public and private institutions, as well as international organisations. As result, the number of convention facilities and related infrastructure increased rapidly. Modern infrastructure for business tourism such as conference halls and business-centres is in place. Development of business tourism made a considerable contribution to the growth of leisure economy as well.

As the business tourism has a direct link with business activities and stimulates trade and investment, its big portion in the total tourism sector indicates again the favourable business climate established in Azerbaijan.