The nature of Azerbaijan is characterised by its richness. The country has a unique climate:

  • Nine climatic zones out of eleven existing in the world present here. Azerbaijan is a country of climatic contrasts: subtropics, deserts, orhylile forests, alpine meadows and many other nature zones are represented there. It translates into the wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • Over 370 plant sorts or around 4,500 plant species are spread all over the country. It accounts for 66% of all plant species grown in the Caucasus. Over 15,000 fauna types exist in Azerbaijan.
  • The country established 9 national parks, 11 national reserves, 24 state wildlife sanctuaries covering the total area of 890 thousand hectares to insure the protection of available ecologic systems.

Rich nature of Azerbaijan opens wide opportunities for ecotourism. While it is not that popular type of tourism yet, it has enormous potential for development and opens up wide opportunities for investments.