Religious tourism

Azerbaijan is among the most religiously tolerant countries in the world. It is confirmed by all religious, public and state figures.

The peaceful coexistence of different religious confessions in Azerbaijan "has been possible thanks to a spirit of tolerance and mutual acceptance, which cannot fail to be a reason for pride for the country" The Pope John Paul II said.

Along with the majority of population professing Islam, representatives of Christian and Jewish communities enjoy the same status and level of religious freedom.

  • There are 1834 mosques, 12 churches and 6 synagogues functioning in Azerbaijan.
  • The culture and history of Azerbaijan embrace the elements of many civilizations, religions and specific features of Caucasus. Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are present here from very ancient times and left their impact on the cultural heritage throughout the history of this place.
  • Ancient Muslim Mosques, unique ancient Christian Albanian temples, Catholic and Orthodox Churches, Jewish Synagogues, the Gothic "Kirche" built in 1899 for Baku's German Lutherans, "Ateshgah" - an eternal fire place that used to be fire worshippers Temple and many other historical and religious monuments fascinate foreign visitors.
  • Azerbaijan is emerging destination for religious tourists. In 2013, 13 640 foreign citizens visited the country for religious purposes. Their number keeps growing.