What is the customs policy pursued by the government towards improving business climate in Azerbaijan?

As result of the government's liberal customs policy:

  • There exist no general trade barriers or prohibitions for import of any types of goods in Azerbaijan and a minimum non trade barriers level for international trade.
  • Exported goods are NOT subject to any customs duties and restrictions. Regulations exist for the export of strategic commodities such as electricity, petrol, cotton and non-ferrous metals.
  • In order to stimulate production in the non-oil sectors of economy, in 2011 Azerbaijan abolished customs duties and VAT for many products and equipments which are imported for the purpose of using in agri-food production.
  • Azerbaijan is a part of GSP with Canada, Norway, Japan and Turkey which gives special trade privileges for our exporters. Along with that, Azerbaijan has started negotiations with WTO on accession, thus undertaking a number of steps to liberalize foreign trade.

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