How accessible are the regional markets for the exports from Azerbaijan?

  • Azerbaijan is located on the south-eastern border of Europe serving as the natural bridge between Europe and Asia.
  • Throughout history, located on the Great Silk Road, Azerbaijan has attracted millions of travellers and traders.
  • The country is the logistics hub for the Caspian region with its largest sea port and has easy access to 600 million customers in CIS, Middle East and Central Asia markets.
  • Azerbaijan that has the best transport infrastructure in the South Caucasus operates 6 international airports with direct flights to major European as well as Asian cities, and the biggest port on the Caspian Sea and has about 19,000 km of hard-surface roads and over 2,000 km of operational railroads.
  • One of the current biggest projects in railway infrastructure is Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, Iron Silk way, which will not only improve trade and economic relations between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey but will also become a connecting link between Europe and Asia.
  • Presently being constructed new Baku International Sea Trade Port with capacity of 25 million tons cargo or 1 million containers a year and new Terminal at the Baku International Airport which is largest in the South Caucasus, with capacity of 3 million passengers a year, will increase efficiency and volume of logistics in the whole region.