New terminal in the Baku International Airport

A new terminal in the Baku International Airport is under construction and will be commissioned in the middle of 2014. The new airport terminal is designed for the annual maintenance of about three million passengers. The total usable area of the new terminal is 58 thousand square meters. The new terminal is structured over two main floor levels, allowing vertical separation of arriving and departing passengers. The ground level, level 0, as well as baggage reclaim, also accommodates forward bussing lounges and baggage makeup facilities. The terminal will also offer luxury shopping and leisure areas. On plan, the Baku International Airport Terminal Building is of triangular shape with rounded off angles. The approximate length of the building is 190m and the width reaches around 280m. Baku is a seismic zone, and the design uses a frame resistant system to allow for seismic forces. The terminal will have eight air bridges and is compatible with the Boeing 767 aircraft.