Balakhani Eco-Industrial Park

About BIP

Total site area

7 ha, with opportunity to extend area in further stage


Public property


15 minutes driving from Baku city centre


The main purpose in establishing this park is to make favorable condition for potential entrepreneurs and investors interested in recycling industry. The government will provide all the required conditions for mechanical processing and producing equipments in the Park and will support enterprises. Industrial Park will be established close to Balakhani landfill and Waste-to-Energy Plant as well as to main highway and it will make favorable condition for taking raw material and energy or product to the market.


It is planned to construct internal and external infrastructure of the Park in order to increase interest of potential entrepreneurs and investors for green business, especially recycling industry. So that the road will be constructed, electricity, gas water, drainage, and communication lines will be lined up as an external infrastructure. Registration office and scales will be placed in the entrance of the Park, office and operation building will be constructed in the area and all required infrastructure will be created.


Investment incentives:

  • exemption from corporate and income taxes for 7 years after registration;
  • exemption from land taxes for 7 years after registration;
  • exemption from real estate taxes for 7 years after registration;
  • exemption from VAT for 7 years after registration for equipment, facilities and goods imported for production purposes.



  • Established Industrial Park infrastructure;
  • Processing, manufacturing and service business/facilities located together on a common integrated and interlinked property;
  • Improve the economic performance of the participating companies while minimizing their environmental impacts.



  • Improvement of recycling business;
  • Producing green materials and energy;
  • Applying innovative technologies;
  • Exchange of information and knowledge;



  • Energy produced can be utilized within the park;
  • Effectively benefiting from collaboration and use of common infrastructure and services;
  • Recycling advantages such as saving natural resources and energy;
  • Minimizing dependence on raw material import.



  • Bypass roadway connecting with Balakhani-Binagady Highway;
  • Utilities: Electricity, water, sewage, gas and heat, waste collection and disposal, phone line, ADSL internet connection;
  • Internal facilities: weighbridge, warehouse, bank and post office, repair workshop, administrative (office) building, operational building (canteen, showers, change rooms, etc), single storey factories/areas for lease;
  • General services: bus service, parking, fenced territory, safety and security (including fire protection), regular environmental monitoring.



  • 15 km away from Baku Sea Port;
  • 17 km away from Baku Railway (cargo) Station;
  • 18 km away from International airport;
  • 202 km away from Russian border;
  • 894 km away from Black Sea (Poti) Port.


Target Industries:

  • Plastic recycling;
  • Tire/rubber recycling;
  • WEEE recycling;
  • Lead batteries;
  • Non-ferrous metal and cable recycling;
  • Municipal hazardous waste (battery pills, light tubes, mercury containing goods, etc) recycling.



  • The waste or by-product of one process of product is used as raw material for another product;
  • Very good location with easy access to highway, railway, international airport, sea port;
  • Close proximity to important export markets of Russia, Caspian Sea basin, Caucasus and Central Asia countries;
  • Both highly skilled and unskilled cheap labor forces;
  • Favourable tariff costs for utilities;
  • Simplification of procedures/one-window service for administrative issues;
  • Use of common facilities and services.

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