High-Tech Park

About HTP

High Tech Park Azerbaijan, launched on November 5, 2012, is going to be the first of its kind in the country. 

The Park is established for research, development and implementation of cutting- edge technologies, energy efficiency, space and telecommunications and information technology and communications.

High Tech Park LLC, established under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, is appointed as the managing company in charge of the development, management and organization of the Park.


Our mission is to maintain constant development of the economic and competitive market in the Science and Information Technology sphere. Furthermore, we aim to create high-end establishments to further the Research and Development in the new and high technological spheres within the country.


Our vision is to create a culture that has the necessary infrastructure, a pleasant environment and professional attitude that will assist the growth of the Information Technologies (IT) enterprises as well as other new and high technology based companies to operate locally, regionally and globally, with significant competitive advantage.


HTP will be located in Pirallahi Island on the eastern shore of Baku city. There is a bridge connecting the island and the main land making the access to HTP easy at any time.


High Tech Park has already started working hard to build a business friendly environment, complete with a resound infrastructure, a resourceful support system and a comprehensive incentive package for its residents. We believe that these advantages coupled with Baku’s strategic location, will attract pioneer companies at the forefront of technological advancement and turn High Tech Park into a regional hub.

Service and Incentive Package

Office spaces along with R&D and assembly facilities will be made available for eligible resident and partner companies.

Both local and international academic institutions will be signed on as partners to provide training for resident and partner employees and also generate a stream lined, local and qualified workforce.

Business Support:
Startups, residents and partner companies will be provided a very wide range of business support services, varying from business plan development to local marketing, from sourcing support to investor relations.

Land & Real Estate Tax:
Residents and companies operating in HTP are eligible to rent subsidized offices, facilities and land.

Value Added Tax:
Residents and companies operating in HTP are relieved of the 18% VAT on imported infrastructural and technological goods and services.

Profit Tax:
Residents and companies located in the HTP land are freed from profit taxes for the 7 year period they operate in the park.

Anticipated fields at HTP

Mobile technologies

Information technologies


Animation graphics

Software engineering

Space and telecommunications

Robotics and mechanics

LED technologies


Medical Software Solutions

Research in energy efficiency

Alternative energy

Other innovations

For more information: www.hightech.az