A country with strong economy is capable of everything
H. Aliyev

“As known, AZPROMO's activities remain mainly unchanged since its establishment. Along with supporting foreign companies in the investment process from developing initial ideas to project implementation, we are engaged in attracting new investors to priority areas through our promotional measures and target mechanisms. Moreover, our organization dedicates a special attention to local producers who are interested in entering foreign markets and expanding their export volume. We act as a bridge to eliminate problems met whilst exporting.”

Undoubtedly, the role of decisions and Decrees of the Head of State for the protection of the high share of the non-oil sector in the country's economy is crucial for us to be able to take successful steps within the scope of our responsibilities. The goal of “the range of the reforms” is to attract investors, eliminate difficulties in different areas to provide comfort for existing investors, to strengthen the export potential of the local products, and stimulate production process even more. This reform-oriented economic course, in its turn, leads to the high-end positioning of our country in the reports prepared by influential international organizations. So, according to the annual “Doing Business” Report of the World Bank, improving its position by 17 places among 189 countries in 2016, Azerbaijan was ranked 63rd for the assessment of business environment as a result of reforms conducted in 2015.

Therefore, as AZPROMO we are pleased to serve you based on the government-backed support that provides a favourable business environment.”

Rufat Mammadov

AZPROMO’s mission is to make approaching business people feel satisfied in their needs with goal-oriented service provision and to contribute to FDI inflow and exports in a productive way

Our goal-oriented service provision covers:

Country Promotion
Investment promotion
    • Information Supply

      Business and investment climate; strategic advantages; reforms; perfect hub; infrastructure; licensing; taxation; industrial parks; incentives; IPD; economic sectors; investment projects etc.

    • Business Setup

      Match-making and networking; mediation between public and private sector; aftercare etc.

Export Promotion
    • Information and Marketing Assistance

      Market browse, research and analysis; national and international customs duties; logistics and transportation; HRD; certification; international standards; legal requirements; labeling and packaging; INCOTERMS etc.

    • Organizational Support

      Trainings and seminars; export missions; exhibitions and fairs in and abroad; product promotion; export promotion; international potential customer and distributor detection etc.

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