The export of Azerbaijani products to Chine is expanding

The press conference on events conducted in the direction of expanding the economic-trade relations of Azerbaijan and Chine by organizing of AZPROMO and support of Ministry of Economy was held in Baku Bussiness Center on September 6.
Acting head of AZPROMO Yusif Abdullayev informed about the expansion of economic cooperation of Azerbaijan-Chine, the promotion of "Made in Azerbaijan" brand, the expansion of Azerbaijan products to the Chinese markets, the stimulation of export and production, as well as the conducted works in the field of development of the relation between the businessmen of two countries. It was noted that the participation of Azerbaijan entrepreneurs at the “6th Chine-Eurasia” exhibition is of such events. Food, natural mineral waters, wine and other alcoholic beverages, hazelnut and dried fruit products of Azerbaijan were presented under a country stand of “Made in Azerbaijan” at the exhibition continued since August 29 to September 2. The Azerbaijani products were met with great interest by the visitors at the exhibition that 21 Azerbaijani companies are represented.
Mass media representatives were informed that the negotiations were held on export of Azerbaijani products to Chine within the framework of the exhibition. So that, the discussions between the Goygol Wine Factory and Chinese companies were held, the “Ayan” company came to an agreement with the Xinjiang Trading Commercial company about the export of Azerbaijani lemonade of 4.5 tons. The “Gilan” company of Azerbaijan with the Fenglian company of Chine reached an agreement on sale of different types of compote and fruit juices. Olive oil, as the other products manufactured in Azerbaijan, attracted foreign companies’ attention participated in the exhibition and was reached an agreement with the “Azersun Holding” company on the export of olive oil of 10 tons. Besides, the negotiations between the “Konfikorn” LLC that is the confectionery products manufacturer of Azerbaijan and “Ikhlas” distributor company of Chine were held and the initial agreement was reached. But the companies of Chine as “Hans Zhou”, “TİAN SHENG HOLDİNGS”, “BEİJİNG REVİEW” showed great interest for Azerbaijan hazelnut and the negotiations on export between the “Azhazelnut” company and these companies were held. But the “Eco-Dry” company of Azerbaijan agreed on export of dried apple. Generally, 14 agreements were reached within the framework of the exhibition.
At the press conference was informed that the export mission was organized to the Urumqi city of Chine on dates of August 29 – September 3 by the Ministry of Economy on purpose of the promotion of “Made in Azerbaijan” brand. Azerbaijani businessmen discussed the issues on cooperation opportunities with Chinese colleagues, on the export of local products to Chine, and had bilateral meetings with potential customers. The Azerbaijan companies that selected on a competitive basis and operated in the field of food, natural mineral waters, wine and other alcoholic beverages, hazelnut and dried fruit production included to the export mission. It was noted that this is the 4th to Chine and generally 16th export mission organized to foreign countries.
Yusif Abdullayev has brought to notice that in order to expand the export to Chine of Azerbaijan products, including wine and other alcoholic beverages and stimulate the production is opened Azerbaijan Wine House in Urumqi city of Chine on September 2 with support of Ministry of Economy, organizing of the Promotion Fund of Export and Investments in Azerbaijan (AZPROMO), and Trade representative of Azerbaijan in Chine. This is the first Wine House of Azerbaijan opened in foreign country.
We note that according to the instruction of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, “Azerbaijan Wine House” will operate in the field of the support of the Azerbaijan products’ export, the expansion of export volume and territory, the promotion of "Made in Azerbaijan" brand, also more introduction and organization of sale of wine and other alcoholic beverages of Azerbaijan in Chinese market, and realize the connection in this field. Azerbaijani wines in different types selected with their special taste and quality will be demonstrated at constantly operating exhibition of Wine House.
The participants of the event were informed that the Azerbaijan Trade House has already been operating in 3 countries – Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine in order to promote "Made in Azerbaijan" brand. The first trade house of Azerbaijan is opened in Belarus in 2017. The trade houses in Ukraine and Latvia began operating this year. The constant exhibition of products of different types manufactured by Azerbaijan companies operates in the trade houses. There is intended to open Azerbaijan trade and wine houses in United Arab Emirates, Poland, Chine, Kazakhstan and Russia till the end of 2018.
At the end, the questions of journalists were answered.