Export Academy  

It is well known that in today's era of accelerated globalization, the export potential of countries constitutes the main driving force of economic development and foreign trade. To achieve economic development in a modern environment, Azerbaijan mainly needs to focus on foreign markets, the effective use of revenues to further strengthen the export potential of the non-oil sector and the economy as a whole as well as ensure an increase in the production of competitive products.

It should be noted that human resources play an important role in increasing a country's export potential. The main features of achieving the development of export potential include an enhanced quantity and quality of labor resources as well as ensuring an increased efficiency of using the workforce. For this purpose, the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and Exporters Club PA under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan have for the first time in the country's history initiated an intensive three-month online training program titled Export Academy to improve the knowledge and skills of personnel involved in exports and intending to engage in this activity in the future.

Under the Academy program, experts from government agencies and major exporting companies have volunteered to train personnel to meet today's challenges in increasing the country's export potential and share their indispensable knowledge and professional experience in the field of exports with future export managers.

Thus, out of 30 participants that applied to participate in the project, implemented in the form of a pilot certification program, 23 participants fully met the requirements of selection.

The Export Academy audience members will learn the basics of each stage of exporting process, ranging from the organization of commercial activities under three modules (export strategy, operations, and procedures) to the final export procedures. In general, by receiving the necessary practical and basic information about each stage of export, they will be empowered to apply it in their working environment. Upon completing each module, participants will undergo testing on the relevant topics and move on to the next module.

At the end of the Export Academy training program, participants will receive certificates commensurate with the scores of their final exam, attendance, and involvement in the three modules mentioned above, while the trainers that taught these modules will be presented with letters of appreciation.

The training program will continue until early July.