The discussions on export of products were conducted

As informed, the products of Azerbaijan are demonstrated at the international exhibition “Gulfood 2019” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the purpose of promotion of the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”, the stimulation of production and export. 21 Azerbaijan companies acting in food industry have presented their products under the national stand “Made in Azerbaijan” organized by Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) under support of the Ministry of Economics. The agreements have been obtained on export of products manufacture in Azerbaijan within the exhibition. So, the company “Babək Sirab” obtained an early agreement on export of the still waters with the companies of Saudi Arabia, and the company “Gadabay Mineral Waters” with the companies of Oman, UAE, India. The negotiations conducted by the company “Eco Dry” with the companies of Oman and UAE on export of dried fruits were ended with an agreement.
The company “Delta” has made arrangement with the distributor company on products sale to some African countries. In addition, the company “Crispa snacks” has conducted discussions on export with the companies of India, Iraq and UAE, and the companies ”Aznar” and “Azersun” with the companies of UAE and India, the company “APİAZ” with the entrepreneurs from UAE and Kuwait, and the company “Balkhurma” with the companies from Argentina, Saudi Arabia, UAE and India. The companies from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Iraq have been interested in products of the company “Shirin”. The company “Atena” has conducted negotiations on export of its products to Libya, and the companies “Tac” and “Ayan” on export of nar lemonade with the company of UAE.
The company “CanPa” obtained the agreement on sale of products with the company of UAE and will begin the production of the confectionery products in the near future.
The international food exhibition will last up to 21 February.