Discussions were held with wine makers

The meeting was held with the members of Azerbaijan Wine Manufacturers and Exporters Association by the support of the Ministry of Economy and the organization of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Fund (AZPROMO).
In the event, the Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev provided information on the reforms held in the field of development of non-oil sector under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, works done in the field of stimulation of local production, competitive non-oil products, favorable conditions for exporters, promotion of "Made in Azerbaijan" brand abroad and promotion of foreign investments.
The minister Shahin Mustafayev emphasizing implementation of complex and consistent measures to support production and export, stressed the importance of creation of the Wine Manufacturers and Exporters Association in terms of entrepreneurship development, as well as the increase of wine production and export, and expansion of our export opportunities. Emphasizing that comprehensive state support was provided to the private sector in increasing the export of non-oil products, the Minister of Economy pointed out that the export promotion mechanism plays an important role in this area. It was noted that about 45% of the export incentives account for grape wine and other alcoholic beverages.
It was noted that the wines produced in Azerbaijan gain great interest in the export missions and exhibitions carried out in order to expand non-oil exports. So far, wines produced in Azerbaijan have been represented in 7 export missions and 7 international exhibitions on a single country stand. Our local wines are demonstrated at commercial houses created in Belarus, Ukraine and Latvia. In order to develop and promote wine-making, it is planned to open wine houses in Shanghai, China, and then to Beijing and other cities, as well as in Russia.
In the event, the members of the Wine Manufacturers and Exporters Association emphasized that the support mechanisms for wine producers and the promotion of "Made in Azerbaijan" brand were a great stimulus for entrepreneurs. It was noted that members of the Wine Producers and Exporters Association are participating in many business forums and other events, promoting their products and achieving successful results.