Discussions held on the activity of Azerbaijan Trading Houses abroad

Opening Azerbaijan trading houses for the purpose of enhancement of Azerbaijan products export and promotion of “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in foreing markets is of great importance. The next meeting of Exporters Club held on August 15 in Baku Business Center with support of the Ministry of Economy and the organization of Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) was dedicated to the establishment and activity of Azerbaijan trading houses abroad. About 150 representative of producers companies dealing with various economy spheres attended the event.
Deputy Minister of Economy Rufat Mammadov noted that in compliance with the order of Azerbaijan Republic President, for the purpose of support Azerbaijan products export, enhancement of export volume and geography, as well as “Made in Azerbaijan” brand promotion, Azerbaijan Trading Houses function already in 3 countries – Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine. The first Trading House of Azerbaijan was opened in Belorus in 2017. The trading houses in Ukraine and Latvia started this year. At the permanent exhibition in the trading houses are presented various products manufactured by Azerbaijani companies, such as wine and cognak, fruit juices, stewed fruits, mineral water, vegetables, jams, pickles, vegetable oils, tea, carpets, textile, silk and cosmetic products, as well as electrical equipment, plastic manufactures add etc. The opening of trading houses in United Arabian Emirates and Poland is planned till the end of 2018.
Deputy-minister Rufat Mammadov invited the businessmen to take advantage of the prospects created in Azerbaijan Trading Houses abroad and beneficial corporation and present local products in a greater volume and assortment at the permanent exhibitions functioning in these trading houses as well.
At the meeting the information on the measures carried out towards the development of nonoil sector of Azerbaijan, promotion of “Made in Azerbaijan” brand, as well as those conducted for the permanent improvement of business environment was provided.
At the end, the questions interesting the businessmen on the activity of trading houses were responded.