Azerbaijan-Pakistan business conference was held

Azerbaijan-Pakistan business-conference was held on July 4 by the support of the Ministry of Economy and by the organization of the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation. About 250 businessmen acting in the fields of industry, agriculture, pharmacy, construction, insurance, tourism, logistics and other fields from both parties along with the official persons took part in the event.
Rufat Mammadov the deputy minister of economy making a speech in the business-conference delivered to the attention that continuous and sustainable economic development, useful business and investment environment was created due to socio-economic policy pursued in Azerbaijan, and provided information on the economic reforms performed in the field of entrepreneurship.
It was delivered to the attention that the socio-economic successes obtained in Azerbaijan were reflected in the reports of well-known international rating agencies.
Rufat Mammadov speaking about the economic and commercial relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan noted that about 270 Pakistani companies have been taken into registration in our country up to now.
Zahid Latif Khan the president of Ravalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) of Pakistan stated that the economic-commercial relations among the business circles of Azerbaijan and Pakistan were developed, he noted the role of efficient use of existing capabilities in development of bilateral relations and shared his views about the directions of building new relations among the entrepreneurs.
The presentations were held in the event on the economies of Azerbaijan and Pakistan, the business opportunities of the countries.
The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between AZPROMO and RCCI within the framework of the conference on development of economic-commercial and investment relations, exchange of experience in the field of promotion of export and foreign investments.
Business-conference was continued with bilateral meetings among the businessmen.