The export mission to Riga was ended

The export mission organized to Riga with the purpose of promotion of the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”, the promotion of the local products in foreign countries was ended. The export mission organized by Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) under support of the Ministry of Economics includes 23 Azerbaijan companies operating in wine and other alcohol drinks, food and textile products production, as well as, the tourism industry.
Azerbaijan enterprisers held meetings with the potential buyers within the visit, the discussions were conducted in the direction of expansion of the export opportunities of products. As a result of the discussions conducted, the contract was signed between “Azhazelnut” the company of Azerbaijan and “Alisco” the company of Latvia on export of the hazelnut in the value of 250 thousand USD to Latvia.
The early agreement was obtained on export of the pomegranate between “Mars Fk” the company of Azerbaijan and “Auglu Serviss” the company of Latvia.
In addition, some Azerbaijan companies including the export mission conducted negotiations on export and sales of the product with the supermarkets chain and companies of India and Latvia.
In addition, the early agreement was obtained between the company “Turizm.az” and the company of Latvia connected with the organization of the visit to our country by the tourist group.